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Mike's Harder Lemonade is a series of flavored malt beverages and are known to be HARDER than the original Mike's Hard Lemonade. For an analogy, think of a grizzly bear. Pretty hard, right? Now picture a grizzly bear with laser beam eyes. That's harder.



The challenge was to illustrate jaw dropping, thirst quenching artwork representing the limited time flavor, Passion Fruit. The can designs targeted men, aged 21 to 29 who like funny stuff, awesome beverages, and cool art.

Mike's Harder Lemonade can design sketch
Mike's Harder Lemonde can design sketch

Concept sketches

Color theme


With a wacky concept in mind, I wanted to also go towards passion fruit's roots. What do golden lion tamarin monkeys and semi-nomadic tribes have in common with passion fruit? They're all native to Brazil and become harder when they go hand-in-hand!


It is a common trait for Brazilian tribes to stuff their mouths with giant lip plates, but adding some awesome shutter sunglasses and wacky hair makes them “harder.” Tamarin monkeys eat fruit, but using passion fruit as ear gauges and having a tongue as vibrant as that highlighter in your office makes them harder. With wacky illustrations and an attitude for harder, the flavors could be endless in the Mike's Harder Lemonade series.

Mike's Harder Lemonade beverage can design
Mike's Harde Lemonade beverage can design