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The Rig - Energetic Bar & Nightclub



A fictional energetic nightclub and bar.

THE RIG - scroller


I challenged myself to brand a fictional club for downtown Oklahoma City's nightlife that would target the area's demographic.

Nightclub Menu Sketches
Cocktail Sketches


The Rig is an energetic nightclub that celebrates the significance of oil and energy in the area.  When people are out on the town in the evening, they can't help but notice the iconic rig that extends outside of the nightclub.  When people walk into The Rig, they should feel the energy.  The nightclub consists of two stories: a first floor energetic bar and a second floor energetic club.

Inspired by oil rig architecture and rising energy, the logo displays energy booming out of the word "Rig" and gives the viewer a sense of elevation.  The drink menu reflects OKC's downtown demographic of ages 20-40 with an average income of $40,000.  The Rig is where downtown OKC's energy rises. 

Bar & Nightclub Logo

The menu design received international recognition through Muse Creative Awards, an international competition for creative professionals.  The competition included more than 1,200 entries from 33 countries.


The Rig's signature cocktail

Bar & Nightclub Stationery

Adult Spring Break foam party event poster

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