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Cone Island Restaurant


Restaurant Menu Design


Coney Island is a fast-casual restaurant specializing in signature Coney hot dogs. They wanted to revamp its menu design while keeping the same logo.

Menu Design Wireframes

Initial sketches


Coneys and chili-cheese tots are just a part of what makes Coney Island's brand unique. Having a social-friendly atmosphere where memories are made is what really makes this establishment special. As an Oklahoma State University alumnus, I know from experience that Coney Island was the go-to restaurant in Stillwater to make memories with your closest friends. It was a feeling of enjoyment you did not get anywhere else.


Coney Island's revamped brand illustrates a contemporary diner with a social-friendly feel. The bright orange brings happiness to the brand. The subtle white texture and stroke patterns create a modern sense of a diner.

Menu board design
Dessert digital menu board design

Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu board design
Drive thru menu design
Coney Island drive thru menu board
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