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Billy Sims BBQ Restaurant




Billy Sims BBQ is a fast-casual restaurant co-owned by former NFL running back and Heisman Trophy winner, Billy Sims. The 40+ restaurant franchise needed a new menu design that modernized its football theme and would be much cleaner.  They also wanted to highlight the most profitable items.

Menu Design Research
Menu Design Wireframes


Being a fast casual restaurant, the design needed to be simple, yet appear more premium than a quick service restaurant.  My menu design is half design and half engineering.  Simple techniques like boxing and shadowing guide the guest's eyes exactly where I want them to go.


With guests placing their orders under the right side of the menu board, my team and I had to use strategic menu engineering to determine what profitable items need to be on the right side.  The menu is now easy to understand and will streamline the line of guests.

BBQ Restaurant Takeout Menu
Menu Board Design

Menu Board

Menu Board Display

The menu design resulted in positive responses by the guests and an increase in our most profitable items.  Utilizing product mix analysis to eliminate underperforming, high COGS, or operationally inefficient menu items, we were able to universally improve menu profitability month over month and year over year for all categories based on sales comp.


The menu also received multiple international design awards.  Some of the competitions included more than 1,000 entries from over 30 countries.

ART DIRECTION - Tena Wooldrige & Misty Jackson

MENU ENGINEERING - Larry Reinstein & Jeff Jackson

Globa Trend Marketng Awards Statuette

Global Trend Marketing Awards

2018 Quest Winner

Davey Awards Statuette
Award-Winning Menu Design

Muse Creative Awards

2018 Rose Gold Winner

Davey Awards

2018 Gold Winner

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